Are you thinking about covering an area with sand and/or gravel? Do you want a classy look for the landscape of your home or business? If so, Island Park Services might be able to help. With quality sand and gravel materials as well as a skilled and detail-oriented installation crew, we can turn your plain landscape into a sand- or gravel-covered work of art.

Benefits of Using Gravel

If you have a backyard or a landscape that you want finished, gravel could very well be the best option for you. Though your first instinct might be to finish your landscaping with grass or sod, those options can require a lot of maintenance such as cutting and replanting.

However, with gravel, you:

Can have beautiful designs with little maintenance
Only have to worry about the one-time cost
Can save money since it doesn’t require watering
If you’ve been considering purchasing gravel for the landscape surrounding your home or business, check out the selection available at Island Park Services!

Uses for Sand

Many people, especially young children, love the look and feel of sand. That being said, homeowners, schools, and more are interested in having a sand box. Though sand also has practical applications, it acts as a great supplement for community parks, playgrounds, and elementary schools.

If you are planning to spend the money to purchase sand, you want to make sure that the sand you buy is high-quality. Low-quality sand is gritty and doesn’t look as beautiful as it could. At Island Park Services, we offer a variety of choices in sand so you can make the decision that works best for the property involved.

To order either sand or gravel for your home, business, or community property, call Island Park Services today at (208) 558-7548!

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