Winter will quickly be upon us, and the Idaho snows are certainly nothing that you can brush off casually. In fact, if you are renting or own a cabin that you occasionally visit during the winter, the snow can build up really fast and make your property both unsafe and inaccessible.

The laws in Idaho state that any sidewalk or private road that the public will use must be kept clear within a reasonable amount of time following a snowstorm. Failure to adhere to such laws can result in hefty fines and complaints from the city or state governments. To keep from getting into that kind of hot water, make sure that you schedule regular and professional snow removal.

Island Park Services’ Snow Removal Promise

Whether you are renting a property or renting it out to someone, snow removal is a necessity. Many rental contracts include snow removal policies, so you might also be accountable to your renters or landlord regarding snow removal.

With that kind of pressure to make sure that the driveway or private road is clear after a medium to heavy snow, you need to find a professional snow removal company to take care of the property even when you are not there. Fortunately, Island Park Services offers reliable and affordable services for snow removal in many areas in and adjacent to Island Park.

Schedule Your Free Estimate for Snow Removal Today!

Because we understand that you are busy and need to have an accurate figure regarding the cost of snow removal, Island Park Services offers free on-site estimates of how much snow removal will cost you on average. While we are at your property, we can also answer any of your questions or address your concerns.

For more information about snow removal, call Island Park Services at (208)-558-7548!

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