One of the most unique vehicles to ever go out on the market, the Hi Boy is a joy to own and operate. Restoring a Hi Boy is a challenge, which is why our team at Island Park Restoration has taken on this unique challenge. The Hi Boy 4×4’s are some of the most popular models, but the limited supply of parts can make it hard to find what you need to get the task done properly.

Our Hi Boy Restoration Services

The Hi Boy services we provide include repair or replacement of all trim on your truck. This is a great way to make your Hi Boy stand out, and boosts the overall value of the truck. We offer a number of solutions to make your Hi Boy look brand new once again; here are some services you can expect:

  • Repair of all scratches, pits, abrasions, and blemishes
  • Replacement or polishing of Chrome
  • Engine repair including new engine drop-in

Quality Hi Boy Restoration Services

If you plan on taking your Hi Boy to car shows, it is important to invest the right amount of money into the restoration process. We provide a number of services to boost the value of your truck, increasing the likelihood your Hi Boy will take home the prize. We can use the original frame and the original heads in the majority of cases.

Why You Need Professional Services

Some people plan to do auto restoration without consulting a professional. We have the specific equipment needed to work on a Hi Boy without damaging it. Too many car owners end up with serious problems to their Hi Boy as they attempt to do the work on their own. Do not let your car become vulnerable to mistakes, call us today. Take a minute to browse through our gallery of completed Hi Boy 4×4’s to get an idea of what we can do with your truck.

Contact Island Park Services for Restoration Needs

No matter what goal you have, Island Park Restoration Services can help. We can drop a new engine into your Hi Boy, allowing you to have less than 600 miles after restoration. For more information about our Hi Boy restoration services, call Island Park Services today (208) 558-7548!

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